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    The golden rule: !!!DONT ASK TO ASK JUST ASK!!!

    1. Have respect for all members of the forum. Insults do not contribute to a rational discussion. Constructive Criticism, however, is appropriate and encouraged.
    2 You can't share any personally identifiable information likes full names, addresses, phone numbers (doxxing)
    3. No selling or posting of any services or products without explicit permission anywhere, be it in your current username or avatar.
    4. Strictly no garbage in the threads.(Caps/Spam etc)
    5.Without advertising of any software product, whether it be in trhead or in private messages.
    6. No annoying/attention seeking usernames. This includes ASCII characters, invisible characters.
    7. No vulgar content. Take it to their respective places.
    8. Only PM staff when asked and/or required to.
    9. Do not insult the staff without a real reason.
    10. No alt account what so ever. if you are caught with an alt account then you are most likely going to be banned from our forum
    11. No Shittalking/ShitPosting/Trashtalking ,save your time and dont shitpost or trash talk about others on our forum.
    12. No fake news or misleading information, do not say anything misleading or false that can scare people or cause riots, such as do not say there is a banwave if there is no banwave and do not say things that hurt people's reputation and can give misleading information to them.
    13. Staff have the final say in an argument/situation.
    14. Staff can bypass any of these given rules at any given time.
    15. Links may not contain any vulgarity or advertising content. Malicious links (such as IP grabbers, ad links, and malware) will result in an immediate ban.
    16. DO NOT joke about cancer and any other serious diseases
    17. No racism
    18. Impersonating staff is NOT allowed,meaning you are not allowed to say you are staff or changing your username to an identical username of a staff member, breaking this rule will result into a temporary forum ban.
    19. Do not post other discord invites without proper authorization.
    20. Strictly no obscene words, we are a good community and should behave like people.
    21. Your avatar should not contain content that may seem stupid, offensive or unacceptable to society.
    Staff can ban you at one's own discretion.
    We reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or revise these rules at any time, and you agree to be bound by such modifications. Any such change or modification will be effective two (2) days

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